Like It’s 1999 or So

I thought it would be fun to share some old music.

I recorded this 15 years ago (1999) on a Tascam Porta 2. It won’t be anyone’s favorite song and the recording quality is lackluster, but I like it. This is one where I picked up the guitar and started layering, and it actually turned out OK- which is always a nice surprise. I could probably re-do it, but I like the aesthetic. I believe it’s just my old Ovation 12-string (which I traded in long ago), and possibly a nylon string I often used for a bass.

12-string Choir:

UPDATE: Above link may be broken.

Here’s another song, recorded maybe just a couple years after that (2001?). This one was where I took a song I wrote on the guitar and put the notation into a midi sort of thing (on my old iMac), then layered in some live recording and some samples. Man, I loved that program. You’ll notice a slight increase in quality on the recording , but it’s still a little muddy.

Like the Moon: