Making the Dogboy cover

The first publication of Aaron Dietz‘s 12 in 12 project, Adventures of Dogboy, has been completed this month. You can buy it HERE.

For the cover, I knew I wanted to make it look like a popcorn bag.

Why a popcorn bag? Because reading Adventures of Dogboy is a treat.

I found some inspiration online.


I really like the bag at the right. Two colors is nice and simple. The artwork is a little busy though. I also remember these bags always had great offset properties, the values would shift a bit in the printing process making each bag a little unique.

I started a concept image directly in Illustrator- working quickly, since that’s the spirit of the 12 in 12 project, and came up with this.

(you can click on any of these images to see them larger)


After, I stepped away and came back fresh: It’s way too vivid and gaudy, and the offset is sloppy. Also, there wouldn’t be that much blue mixed with the red. You can see from the zoomed image below that it looks more like a bad 3-D image. Plus, I think my eyes may have been bleeding a little.



I decided to take a little more time with it. Not only did I want to fix the flaws, but I needed to add some context so people would know what it is. The above rendering can bring the popcorn bag to mind, but I wanted the image to be more explicit. I added texture and treats to help with that.

I came up with this:



Here’s some more details:




The texture and biscuits where added in Photoshop.


Hope you enjoyed it. Here’s some extra dog treats for reading to the end.



Did I mention you can buy the book  HERE? 😉